2024 Honda Pilot: What We Know So Far

Getting to Know the Bolder and More Capable 2024 Honda Pilot

If you are looking for mid-size crossover SUV that prioritizes practicality without going far to the minivan’s side of automotive market, you may consider the upcoming 2024 Honda Pilot. Recently, its next-generation prototype model was spotted while being tested on public roads by spy photographers. Read below to discover more about this future competitor of the Chevrolet Traverse.

2024 Honda Pilot

2024 Honda Pilot

Adjusted Design and Styling Inside and Out

The upcoming Pilot, which is said to be a new generation model, is going to utilize the Honda Global Light Truck unibody platform as present in the Acura MDX. Assessing from the previously mentioned prototype, the 2024 Honda Pilot seems to already reach a mature development stage, as it sports LED headlamps and grille that appears as production ready.

While the figure-hugging camouflage covers parts of the body lines well, it still provides a hint of mostly preserved design due to the consistent silhouette as the current version. It boasts a slightly more rugged-looking front end, but bolder appearance due to its massive, upstanding grille and even hood. Not much can be reckoned from the more camouflaged rear section as the taillights are completely concealed by vinyl cover, but the hatch spoiler seems to appear sporty.

Moving on to the interior department, the design is expected to be upgraded along with updated digital displays on dashboard, revised infotainment system, and added active safety features. The current Pilot’s interior is already quite outdated.

2024 Honda Pilot Exterior

2024 Honda Pilot Exterior

The spaciousness aspect is hopefully retained, because the Pilot provides roominess even for the third seating row, not to mention easy accessibility there as the seats on the second row can be slid forward for passengers to climb inside. The huge center console for small items storage is a well-thought feature that deserves praise as well.

A Probability of Hybrid Model Addition

Whether the 2024 Honda Pilot is going to stick with the 3.5L V6 powertrain that produces 280 HP or receive a whole new engine to improve efficiency is still not clear. Some sources state that there’s a possibility of a plug-in hybrid variant to be added alongside the standard ICE-powered version. If the rumor is to believed, then it possibly uses the same dual motor setup and 2L engine as the recent Honda Accord Hybrid.

Regardless, the current V6 engine of the Pilot is finely tuned and capable of quick acceleration, albeit the potentially grating shift at times from the 9-speed automatic transmission. That being said, it won’t be exaggerating to say that the Pilot ages like a fine wine.  The 2024 Honda Pilot is expected to continuing the on-road competency from its predecessor, along with precise steering and smooth ride.

If there’s any weak point of the Pilot, it would be the central touchscreen that isn’t accompanied by physical volume knob since the 2019 model year. Otherwise, it provides 5” display (for the entry-level trim LX) and 8” touchscreen (for EX trim and beyond), voice control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, and other features.

2024 Honda Pilot Interior

2024 Honda Pilot Interior

When 2024 Honda Pilot Will Arrive and How Much It Costs

The 2024 Honda Pilot is predicted to debut either in late 2022 or early 2023. In terms of price, it is not expected to be offered at much pricier range than the 2023 model. This means its starting price will roughly sit at $40,000 for the base trim, while the more premium trim can touch $50,000 or even higher.

It has been known that Honda is planning to release the fourth generation of Pilot before the middle of this decade. The 2024 Honda Pilot, despite of the nameplate’s age, hopefully will remain as one of the handiest 3-row crossover SUVs in the industry, with its roomy and functional cabin, solid performance, and an ample of safety features.

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