2024 GMC Canyon: What We Know So Far

Notable Specs and Features to Anticipate from the 2024 GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon has just released an all-new third generation by its 2023 model year, which also marks the debut of the AT4X off-road trim. It’s the first time that the nameplate received redesign after being re-introduced in 2015, which happens to be the same case with the Chevy Colorado. Considering this fact, the upcoming 2024 GMC Canyon is expected to be a carryover model. Here’s what you need to know about it.

2024 GMC Canyon

2024 GMC Canyon

Possible Powertrain and Performance

Under the hood, it’s predicted that the 2024 GMC Canyon will retain the same 2.7L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which it shares with the Chevy Colorado. Even though both are corporation cousins, it should be noted that the Colorado provides three different 4-cylinder engine variants with differing potencies whereas it is offered as a single option in the Canyon. That being said, the GMC Canyon is supported by the high-output variant that produces 310 HP and 430 lb-ft of torque.

According to the engineers at GMC, this engine supposedly works out the best as the new Canyon is focused on the off-road capability and more upscale feel, in comparison to its previous V6 engine. The new engine is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission as standard as well as 4WD system as standard except for the entry-level trim Elevation.

Every 2024 GMC Canyon is equipped with an off-road suspension that receives 2” lift and a wider track compared to the previous generation, resulting in a total ground clearance of 9.6”. The high-performing variant AT4X has higher rides with 3” lift addition and a total ground clearance of 10.7”

The 4WD models also gain a new drive mode called Terrain, which utilizes the Canyon’s brakes to produces a single pedal driving experience. This means, drivers no longer have to use their left foot to press the brake as it travels over high-obstacle path such as rocky terrain.

2024 GMC Canyon Exterior

2024 GMC Canyon Exterior

Potential Redesigns on Exterior and Interior Parts

It is apparent that with the release of the latest generation of the Canyon, GMC is looking to make plenty of upgrades to make this model more capable and feel more premium than ever before. In addition to the lifted suspension as mentioned above, each of the 2024 GMC Canyon is expected to retain the more muscular design and technology features gained by the previous model year, which results in a more comfortable and modernized cabin.

Different trim grades of the Canyon offer slightly different interior design, with a set of materials and colors used to indicate where each trim is positioned. For examples, the upscale trim Denali comes with a brighter chrome that fits with its more pronounced grille at the front, black-colored leather upholstery with brown-colored accents, and laser-carved Denali logo on the wood trim piece on the passenger seat’s front area. Meanwhile, the more performance-focused trim AT4X is offered with red, white, and black upholstery with dark chrome accent and a winter sports-inspired color palette.

The interior dimensions seem to stay the same despite the extending wheelbase. In fact, the leg room for rear seating area decreases for an inch compare to the previous generation model.

2024 GMC Canyon Interior

2024 GMC Canyon Interior

In terms of technology features, the 2024 GMC Canyon is most likely to retain the large 11.3” infotainment touchscreen display with completely digital instrument gauge and a head-up display as an optional feature. The base Elevation and AT4 trims provide 8” instrument gauge display while the AT4X and Denali sport a 11.1” display. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are offered as standards in all trims.

2024 GMC Canyon Release Date and Estimated Price

The starting price of 2024 GMC Canyon is expected to not stray far from the 2023 model that’s offered at $40,000 while the top-ranging AT4X is available starting from over $63,000. If it follows the schedule of the previous model year, it should be available by the early half of 2024.