2018 GMC Denali Specifications, Features, and Release Date

2018 GMC Denali – For those wanting to buy the new 2018 GMC Denali, then learning more about its features and specifications is a must. The new GMC Denali comes with more luxury features than other models. While it is true that the new GMC Denali is as not as attractive as the Escalade, we think that buying this car is still a great choice for those looking for a luxury car. Take a good look at our review here and learn more about this new model.

2018 GMC Denali Review

2018 GMC Denali Review

What is New for 2018 GMC Denali?

There are some updates available for 2018 GMC Denali. For example, buyers can expect that a 10 speed automatic transmission is now standard. Buyers can also expect some minor changes to the interior and exterior of the new GMC Denali.

2018 GMC Denali Trim Levels and Features

It is a full-sized SUV which is available in some trim levels. These trim levels are SLT, SLE, and Denali trim levels. While most GMC Yukon models seat eight passengers, there is an optional front bench seat which is available on the SLE trim.

2018 GMC Denali Engine

2018 GMC Denali Engine

What are the Features Offered by 2018 GMC Denali?

2018 GMC Denali is the top trim level which adds some luxury features such as 20-inch wheels, adaptive suspension dampers, xenon headlights, a head-up display, second-row bucket seats, a 10-speaker surround-sound system, a trailer brake controller, 10-speed transmission, and active noise cancelation.

What about safety features? Well, the new GMC Denali comes with some standard and advanced safety features. Some of these features are lane-change alert, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision alert, and cruise control.

2018 GMC Denali Technology

Buyers may expect that the new GMC Denali comes with better options when dealing with technologies. The good news is that the top trim level is equipped with some cool technologies. While the base model is already equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, buyers can expect more technologies added to the GMC Denali.

What Makes 2018 GMC Denali a Good Choice for You?

Well, if you are still not sure whether 2018 GMC Denali is a good choice or not, then let’s talk about its main features. We can say that the new GMC comes with some user-friendly features, thus you shouldn’t find any difficulties when accessing these features. In fact, it is also surprisingly maneuverable for its size. Of course, it is also equipped with a more powerful engine as it gets a 6.2-liter V-8 engine which can deliver 420 horsepower. The top trim level is rated at 14/22 mpg with four-wheel drive or 14/23 mpg with rear-wheel drive.

With the use of adaptive cruise control, it allows the car to follow the pace of traffic. It also offers a vibration in the sides of the seat cushion.

2018 GMC Denali Release Date and Price

While it doesn’t come cheap as it is going to cost you $63,717, but there is no doubt that the new GMC Denali is a champion SUV. If you want to buy this car, please remember that 2018 GMC Denali will be available in 2018.

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