2018 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

2018 Honda Pilot – 2018 Honda Pilot comes with some changes, thus we can expect that the new Honda Pilot is better than its predecessor. With the use of its cushy cabin, it goes without saying that the new Honda Pilot feels more comfortable. In addition, the new model also comes with all-season tires and big digital screens. It doesn’t matter whether you choose EX, LX, Touring, Elite or EX-L as you can rest assured that the new model has many features that you will love. To help you learn more about Honda Pilot, you read our review below.

2018 Honda Pilot Review

2018 Honda Pilot Review

2018 Honda Pilot Styling

Now let’s explore its styling. The new Honda Pilot exhibits typical Honda build quality and efficiency. It comes with some practical features such as the flat load floor and the easy entry third row. These features make a difference when hauling people and cargo.

2018 Honda Pilot Comfort

There is no doubt that the new Honda Pilot is a comfortable car, thanks to its above average ride quality. With the use of the wide seats, you can ensure that the seat can provide hours of comfort. Please note that the new Honda Pilot also comes with adjustable inner armrests which are a bonus too. Another good thing is that the levels of tire and wind noise are low.

2018 Honda Pilot Engine

2018 Honda Pilot Engine

2018 Honda Pilot Interior

Interior is another key aspect that you should check when buying a new car. One of the best things that buyers will love is the quality of the materials. Don’t forget that you can also expect soft-touch plastics on the dash which is combined with matte finish secondary controls and high-gloss trim.

2018 Honda Pilot Technology and Utility

You may find it surprising if you know that the new Honda Pilot is an extremely utilitarian vehicle. Of course, it is quite reasonable that it can’t tow as much as large truck-based SUVs. With the use of the large interior, it can be very helpful when you want to stuff it full of passengers. You can find numerous storage compartments which are very useful if you want to store some small items. You can bring all of your small items and we are sure that the new Honda Pilot has space for all of those items.

Well, you can also enjoy controls that are reasonably intelligent and intuitive. It has all technologies that you need. You can also enjoy the addition of the standard Honda LaneWatch system which is very useful for passenger-side lane changes. There are also some optional systems that you can use such as collision mitigation and adaptive cruise controls. These systems can react quickly to the slightest of changes in the road conditions.

2018 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

Once you have decided that you want to buy the new Honda Pilot, you can choose some models such as EX-L, touring, LX, and Elite. The prices range from $32,000 to $50,000. As for its release date, buyers can expect that 2018 Honda Pilot is already available in December 2017.

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