2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Pickup Truck

An Overview of the Potential Future Top-Seller the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning

With a fuel tank that supports 600 miles of travelling on full condition and only slightly above $20,000 starting price, it is quite hard to find another pickup that’s as affordable or efficient as the Ford Maverick hybrid. While the hybrid version already makes an impressive pickup truck model, the dedicated battery-powered Maverick Lightning is nothing that the world can anticipate for. The nameplate has been trademarked recently, suggesting that it is already on the way. Read below to discover more details about the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Colors

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Colors

Potential Electric Motors and Battery Charging Capacity and Speed

The upcoming Maverick Lightning is predicted to be introduced with one electric motor. The Maverick has always been underlining value more than acceleration numbers or powerful capability, and this is reflected in its hybrid variant that produces a humble 191 HP combined. Whether an all-wheel drive system is going to be offered as standard or option by the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning is something that is not known yet.

More predictions regarding the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning under the hood is a 150-kW charging battery speeds that should reach full capacity in around 45 minutes only. Note that this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, so the number can be improved by the time it rolls out.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Dimension

The current Ford Maverick rides on a unibody FWD platform, which it shares with the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport. It seems to require plenty of work to accommodate single or dual electric motors in the standard Maverick engine, so a better option would be using the C2 platform that’s known to be versatile enough for different vehicle sizes, track widths, and wheelbases, not to mention potentially support complete electrification.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Exterior

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Exterior

The dimensions of the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning is most likely to be similar with the regular Maverick, but the curb weight is potentially going to differ. The Lightning variant is expected with all-wheel drive system is expected to reach 4,000 pounds whereas the heaviest model of the current Maverick is measured at 3,731 pounds.

2024 Ford Maverick Design and Features

The essential shape of the upcoming Maverick Lightning is also predicted to follow the standard Maverick, but with added details such as a distinctive lighting, a closed-off grille, and revamped wheels. It should also follow the F-150 Lightning by providing a Lightning model special badge.

The regular Maverick offers impressive interior material quality and design regardless of its economical price, so the new 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning should follow suit. Some notable features are a user-friendly 8” infotainment touchscreen display, a functional design, and plenty of storage spaces. As applies to other electric vehicles, it is predicted that the Maverick Lighting is going to be more technology packed than its regular counterpart, such as providing a larger touchscreen and possibly autonomous driving technology.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Interior

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Interior

The Maverick Lightning seats are most likely to offer comfort with faux or genuine leather upholstery for higher trim. It also possibly offers a generous cargo space, which may not be as huge as the F-150 Lightning’s frunk, but still with a bed at the back.

2024 Ford Maverick Release Date

nearly impossible to predict the exact date of its arrival, a 2024 model year introduction is the most likely scenario. If it does arrive by next year, then it wouldn’t have any direct rivals in the market yet.

2024 Ford Maverick Price Estimated

Hopefully, Ford can preserve the high value price mark which is what the Maverick is known for and offer the 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning in the $30,000 range. For a reference, the current top-ranging model, the AWD and EcoBoost supported Maverick Lariat is available at below $30,000 MSRP.