2018 Subaru WRX Release Date and Review

2018 Subaru WRX Release Date, Price, and Review – Are you looking for some information about 2018 Subaru WRX? It is one of the quickest and most powerful cars in which you can get it for less than $30,000. Please note that the new Subaru WRX is also one of the least civil. Some key aspects include a turbocharged engine, a stiff-legged ride, and a loud cabin. For those who are willing to sacrifice comfort and convenience, then you can expect a car that has strong brakes and quick, well-weighted steering.

2018 Subaru WRX Review

2018 Subaru WRX Review

What is New for 2018 Subaru WRX?

What can you expect from the new 2018 Subaru WRX? There are lots of changes that have been made. The new Subaru has undergone a thorough update for the new model. What you can expect is that all models come with a revised front end, an improved electric power-steering system, and revamped suspension tuning. It is also equipped with the six-speed manual transmission which features a new synchromesh design. There are also other changes that you can get. Some of these changes include a new fold-down center armrest, a 5.9-inch upper center dashboard display, and also white gauge cluster illumination.

2018 Subaru WRX Trims and Options

The new 2018 Subaru WRX is available in three trims. It depends on your personal preferences as you can choose the entry level, premium or Limited trims. The premium and limited trims are more expensive, thus if you are on the budget then choosing the entry level would be a great choice.

2018 Subaru WRX Price

With the base price of $27,855, the entry level comes with some nice features which you will really love. For example, the standard 2018 Subaru WRX comes with a strong 268bhp 2.0-liter flat-four engine, all-wheel drive, and a six-speed manual transmission. There are also some additional features available. These additional features are automatic climate control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise controls and integrated audio, and also a 6.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

2018 Subaru WRX Performance

There is no doubt that performance is another impressive feature that we can expect from the new Subaru WRX. In fact, this new model is tuned for performance driving with stout antiroll bars and stiff springs which make any commute entertaining. Another thing that you may like is the use of the electric power steering which is tuned well. The electric power steering offers sharp and precise cuts in the curvy roads or through traffic.

2018 Subaru WRX Engine

2018 Subaru WRX Engine

2018 Subaru WRX Release Date, Safety, and Comfort

The new WRX comes with better materials. In addition, you can also get a bigger driver information screen which really helps you while driving. The dash of the car is covered in soft-touch materials. All models are equipped with some standard features such as a rearview camera, traction control systems, and airbags. Another update is the exterior of the car which is better than its previous model. But the biggest feature is its performance. As we have said earlier, if you are on the budget, then the base model should be more than enough. The base model comes with some features such as heated side mirrors and a leather-wrapped shifter. As for its release date, 2018 Subaru WRX is already available in 2018.

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