2018 Honda Accord Sport Features, Specifications, and Review

2018 Honda Accord Sports Features, Specifications, and Review – If you are looking for a new car in 2018, then 2018 Honda Accord Sport should be included on your list. Honda Accord is one of those best choices that small families can consider. With the increasing popularity of crossovers, we have more choices as there is no need to choose midsize sedans if you are looking for a small car. Let’s read our review here and learn what features and technologies that are offered by the new Honda Accord.

2018 Honda Accord Sport Features

2018 Honda Accord Sport Features

What is New for 2018 Honda Accord Sport?

Well, the new Honda has been redesigned and it means that buyers can expect some new changes or updates. There is no doubt that the new Honda Accord comes with lots of advanced driving features. It also comes with the new screen where the new screen uses physical buttons and knobs.

2018 Honda Accord Sport Features

As for 2018 Honda Accord Sport, one of the main reasons why you must choose this trim level is that it is available at an affordable price. Honda Accord Sport comes with some visual upgrades which make the car look more stylish than its predecessor.

While the base model comes with some standard features which are available on all trim levels, the new Honda Accord Sport adds more features. These features include a rear spoiler, LED foglights, 19-inch wheels, an 8-inch touchscreen, chrome exhaust tips, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Don’t forget that there is also an eight-speaker audio system available.

2018 Honda Accord Sports Driving, Interior, and Performance

What makes the new Honda Accord special is that it has lots of strengths on the road. Check the drivetrain and you will notice that it provides sufficient power. Another good thing is that the new Honda Accord corners well. If you check the brakes, you will also know that the brakes feel natural and strong. The only issue is that the steering feels artificial, but it is still easy and accurate.

If you are wondering whether the new Honda Accord is comfortable or not, then you must know that it is quiet and comfortable in many situations. The seats come with adjustable lumbar support which can add comfort while driving. However, you may notice that the leather-wrapped seat cushions don’t come with a lot of padding. To handle this issue, simply find the right adjustment.

Since it also comes with an adaptive suspension, you can ensure that the car provides an excellent ride. The car feels solid and it can absorb larger hits without any issues. When used around the town, you will be surprised after knowing that the car is impressively quiet. It also comes with climate settings which can be adjusted easily.

Let’s talk about its interior. The interior of the car comes with a modern design. It also offers soft-touch materials. There is also a user-friendly infotainment system which makes it easy if you want to access some functions.

2018 Honda Accord Sports Release Date and Price

Overall, the new Honda is definitely one of the best cars that you can consider. As for its price, 2018 Honda Accord Sport starts at $26,670 and it will be available in 2018.

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