2018 BMW Vs 2018 Audi

2018 BMW Vs 2018 Audi – Which One Should You Buy?

When choosing between 2018 BMW Vs 2018 Audi, it is possible that you have no idea how to make a good decision. What you must know is that 2018 Audi and 2018 BMW are very close competitors. Since they are also categorized as the luxury small car class, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people find it confusing when choosing one of them. If you are one of them, then you must read our review here.

2018 BMW 3 Vs 2018 Audi A4

2018 BMW 3 Vs 2018 Audi A4

2018 BMW Vs 2018 Audi – Learn the Differences

We have listed some key aspects that will help you make a right decision when choosing between 2018 BMW Vs 2018 Audi. In this case, we are going to compare 2018 BMW 3 Series edition and 2018 Audi A4.


Reliability is the first aspect that we are going to check first. BMW 3 Series edition’s engines come with an aluminum block, while 2018 Audi A4’s engines come with a cast iron block. Aluminum engine blocks are more durable as they are much more prone to crack and wrap at the high temperature. However, in terms of reliability, it seems that the Audi A4 is the winner.


Safety is the next factor that we want to check if we want to learn which car that is better. The rear and front seat shoulder belts of Audi A4 are equipped with pre-tensioners which can eliminate dangerous slack in the event of a collision. Unfortunately, you won’t get this feature added if you choose BMW 3 Series edition since it doesn’t come with pre-tensioners for the front and rear seat belts.

Another key feature is that Audi A4 also comes with height-adjustable seat belts which can be used to accommodate driver and passenger heights. If you choose BMW 3 Series edition, it seems that the car doesn’t offer this feature.

To prevent further injuries and secondary collisions in the event of a collision, Audi A4 also comes with secondary collision brake assist. However, this feature is not available if you choose BMW 3 Series edition. The new BMW 3 Series edition is not equipped with a post-collision braking system.

The good news is that both of these sedans have some standard safety features. These standard safety features include front side-impact airbags, side-impact head airbags, four-wheel antilock brakes, electronic stability systems, and plastic fuel tanks. After knowing these features, it is obvious that the Audi A4 is a better choice if you are looking for a sedan that has more safety features.


It seems that Audi A4 looks better when it comes to transmission. In fact, the new 2018 Audi A4 comes with a standard sequential manual gearbox. It is a feature which is more efficient than a conventional automatic. Unfortunately, BMW 3 Series edition doesn’t have this feature added.

The Bottom Line

Once you have learned the differences, you should be able to decide which car that you must buy. Choosing between 2018 BMW Vs 2018 Audi is not easy, but our tips here would help you a lot.

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